Best Paid to click sites really pays instantly !!

Best Paid to click sites are the programs where we can earn money just by clicking the Ads from on the PTC sites and make money from just by clicking the Advertisements provided by the big industries or by the member's like us to generate the leads and to promote the business.

Guidance to start with the Paid to click sites

  1. First, you need to have registered the all the sites which are genuine and paying instantly.
  2. This is not the high yield program it takes the time to earn money here, you cant be rich over night.
  3. Were as the paid to click sites are well known for their stability and profitability.
  4. Gust have the single account on all the Paid to click sites.
  5. You need to have the payment processors like Paypal / Payza / Neteller / Bitcoin / Skrill
  6. Before there were the high click rates and now they click rates has been reduced and has become the difficult for the free members.
  7. Please be genuine for the PTC programs don't use multiple accounts for the referral click earnings.
  8. If you have more than one account under the same IP address, you will be banned without any notifications.
  9. They are many so many members world wide earn tons of dollars per day just by clicking the ads.
  10. Good luck for your earnings journey with Paid to click sites

Top best paid to click sites

Now i am suggesting you the top best paid to click sites which are genuine and paying from many years almost 8 plus years old Paid to click sites.
1 :
Clixsense is one of the most legit and genuine trusted Paid to click site.And its has been online since nine years are more and getting stronger day by day.Were as Clixsense pays all the members instantly and there is no delay in getting the payments.And this site offer earning the opportunity like Paid to click, bonus, Surveys, Offers, Grid game, daily AC bonus, referral bonus , referral earnings , and more.
Remember if you have more direct referrals you would be earnings more and more you cant even imagine the earnings just by clicking ads.
Earnings : Ads: 10 per day to click
                  click rate $0.001-$0.02.
                  Payout: Minimum $8 for standard members,
                  Payment processors PayPal ,payza , cheque ,Paytoo.
                  Online and paying since 2007.
                  Chance to win $5 every day.
                  Referrals: $0.0002-$0.008 per click.
                  Unlimited number of referrals.
For more informations of clixsense refer FAQ 
2 :
Neobux is also the same like clixsense and same old as 8 years and more & its more stable and pays fraction of the sense here you can earn from clicking the Ads daily and by direct referrals , rented referrals and offer completions and you could earn more from the Adprizes daily if your active you will win the cash prize or the golden membership for 1 year costs you $90 so this is the main advantage of neobux and this is called the king of paid to click site.
Tips to earn from Neobux : 
  • Click Ads daily
  • Get more direct referrals by referring others
  • Rent referrals
  • Click Adprize daily chance of winning more cash
  • Mini offers
  • Video watching
  • Surveys
  • Forum posting and earn points and collect the points and purchase the golden memberships or use it for renting referrals or to extend the referral days.
Earnings :   Ads: ~20 ads per day that pays $0.001-$0.015 per click
                    Payments are instant to Payza or PayPal. or neteller
                    Minimum $2.
                    points for every click - exchange for upgrades or money.
                    One of the most trusted PTC sites since 2008.
                    Referrals: $0.0005-$0.005 per referral click and 1% on purchases.
Fore more informations please refer the FAQ
Well these two are the Best paid to click sites are the most favorites of all the members world wide earnings $10 to $1000 per day.
Its so simple guys so if you need any help please contact me any time,I will help you in all the ways will guide you give you some tips as well.
Best Paid to click sites really pays instantly !! Best Paid to click sites really pays instantly !! Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 8:29 PM Rating: 5


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