turned scam not paying for free memebrs is the site where you will be earning the bitcoins and its a mining site where invest on theme and mine for the bitcoins.Now has turned scammed so stop investing here and take look of the new bitcoins earning sites.

How to earn with the

Its simple to sign up just you need to sign up with your bitcoins address and register here for free.

Which are the coins can you mine at

Here you can mine just two coins like Bitcoin & lite coins.

How much can you earn with the Affiliate commissions?

BitcoinV1.0 0.00000000 BTC 20 % LitecoinV1.0 0.00000000 LTC 20 % BitcoinV1.1 0.01000000 BTC 30 % LitecoinV1.1 2.00000000 LTC 30 % BitcoinV1.2 0.10000000 BTC 40 % LitecoinV1.2 20.00000000 LTC 40 % BitcoinV1.3 0.90000000 BTC 50 % LitecoinV1.3 180.00000000 LTC 50 % BitcoinV2.0 5.00000000 BTC 100 % LitecoinV2.0 1000.00000000 LTC 100 %.

Site status: Not Paying 

Total paid: 2.59 BTC

Tota paid: 17.36 LTC

Note : This site is paying to their members randomly and minimum payout is 0.005 BTC.They are paying for the paid members and they delay in the payment so stay away from this so i suggest you to stop waisiting your time here and investing here its going to turn scam soon. turned scam not paying for free memebrs turned scam not paying for free memebrs Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 9:05 AM Rating: 5


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