Pre launch of join now just by investing $1

Scam review of is the advertising platform and designed for the high quality traffic and leads for all online entrepenerues who earn for financial stability.They have designed so unique by analyzing inconsistencies towards the marketing industry.From their point of view they bring the good platform for you not only provides the multiple advertising service and they also include the revenue sharing trough the sales are calculated for the long tem stability.

What is the ?

They are the advertising platform and they have added the bonuses of shared revenue trough their advertising sales and services.They are not the investment network.They are the platform which provides the quality advertisements with an opportuanity to earn a portion with the revenue genertated from the sales.And they wont gauarantee the earnings from your advertisemetnts because they all are depend on the sales and revenue generated by the

What are the payment processors do they accept ?

Right now they accept just bitcoins in future they may come with other payment processors.
Whats the minimum amount to deposit :
Minimum amount to deposit is starts from $10.
Is there is any repurchase rule ?
There is no repurcahse rule so you can take benefited from this option.
Is there referral commission offered for affiliates?
Yes they offer referral comissions of 10% when your reffer buys the Adpacks.
Advertising plans : 
Plan Name : Elite Advertising Pack Unit Cost $1.00 per share Available units unlimited Min - Max 1 - 0 Summary Shares expire at 125% Requirement to Earn Surf 5 Website(s) Daily to Earn You can only purchase via the following payment options Bitcoin This plan is only available to the following account types $5 Monthly Membership
Members benefits : 
Elite Advertising offers a host of benefits for the common online earners. These benefits are sure to start your marketing experience with a great boost. Unique earning opportunity Low monthly membership $5 10% Affiliate/Referral Commission Earning possibilities infinitely World class member support staff No compounding internally.
Site status : Yet to launch
Launching date : 19/12/2016
Total memebrs : 71
For more informations check it out here 
Note:if you need any help please do let me know i am ready to help you just comment me below.

Pre launch of join now just by investing $1 Pre launch of join now just by investing $1 Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 8:51 AM Rating: 5


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