Review of scam or legit ?

Scam review of is the bitcoin mining and forex trading and its a UK registered company.And they are committed to most profitable bitcoin and forex projects for their have the good team and talented bitcoin mining and forex trading experts.Now the team is recording the new level of investments.What is

What is ? is the site where you can earn daily 6% without any risk and they are the perfect company for the worldwide investors and they are also experts in the forex projects which has the high yield profits daily.

How to join

To make the investment at you need to register here.Once your done with the signup process you can make the first deposits in the member's areas and make the profits daily.

How to invest with the

They 3 types of payment processors you can get as :
  • Perfectmoney
  • Blockchain
  • Payeer

What are the daily earnings plans from ?

They are 5 plans where you can start from the Plan A
  1. Basic plan :  6% Daily For 25 Days Minimum - $5 Maximum - $5000
  2. Standard plan : 10% Daily For 12 Days Minimum - $10 Maximum - $5000
  3. Lifetime plan : 3% Daily For Lifetime Minimum - $100 Maximum - $5000
  4. Fast plan : 12% Daily for 9 days Minimum 5 $ Maximum 1000 $
  5. Vip plan : 200% After 20 Days Minimum - $500 Maximum - 10000
Referral commissions from
Well now here you can make the referral earnings daily when even your referred makes the deposits you will be earning until 5 level referral commissions;
1st Level - 5%  2nd Level - 2% 3rd Level - 1% 4th Level - 1% 5th Level - 1%
2nd Level - 2% 3rd Level - 1% 4th Level - 1% 5th Level - 1%
3rd Level - 1%
4th Level - 1% 5th Level - 1%
5th Level - 1%
Site status : Active & paying
Site launched : 9Th December 2016
Total accounts : 154
Total deposits : $4445
Total withdrawn : $62
Join the facebook page for the updates and keep on track : Join here
Note : Well this is HYIP site where you can make good money and in this kind of programs some risks are involved as they are into the forex and bitcoin markets.

Review of scam or legit ? Review of scam or legit ? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 8:08 PM Rating: 5


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