Review of scam or legit ?

Scam review of is the company, and it's officially registered, and it is focused on world trough secure and simple and less storing and using the money.The main focus of their focus of their private bitcoins registered firm to work on the cryptocurrency especially on the bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading.
However no matter in which plan you get it and your sure to earn the huge profits and substantial returns on each investment you do.So now its time to make money with some safe investments.

How to earn from

Its simple you need to join here, so you need to fill all the fields and get verified and start earning daily.

What are the daily percentage of earnings with

Well you will be earning daily 30% profits Daily for five days on your investments
Payment processors they accept is Bitcoins

What's the minimum amount of deposit at

The minimum amount to deposit is  ฿0.00000005.
How are the profits paid?
Profits are paid daily to your account balance.
How to earn from the
Yes, they pay a referral commission of 5% from every amount your referral has deposited. This includes both the initial and any additional deposits made by your referrals.
Site status: Active & paying
More information: check here 
Note : Risk involved a huge, please make the wise decision before making any new account and to deposit.My concern is this site may not run for the long term because they have 30% returns daily that's huge.
Review of scam or legit ? Review of scam or legit ? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 7:44 AM Rating: 5


  1. Withdrawal is now pending on, so be careful.

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  2. is not paying up anymore


  4. me too .. Pending withdrawals.. yesterday i deposited 0.018 today is pending..

    1. after so many answers finally this site turned scammed so dont deposit from now on in further

  5. Bitnetcoin is a scam. Don't go there...the site will not come anymore...I tried to check my account but unable to access it

  6. Bitnetcoin is a scam. Don't go there...the site will not come anymore...I tried to check my account but unable to access it

  7. its gone scam bitnetcoin guys be away from this site bitnetcoin it took my 0,005 santoshi all are scammers

  8. The server at bit nervous is down, I think it's a deliberate attempt to make away with people's money

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