Review of scam or legit ?

Review of is the paid to click site where the member's and the advertisers are the main focus with the good customer service and easy platform to use it and make money with the
Their service is constant and allows the advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement's on their sites and make users earn money by viewing the advertisements.And after seeing the Ads, the members gets credited to their account main balance.

How to make money from

Firstly you need to create the account here: Create here 
Secondly, you need to logging the account and view ads daily and earn the real cash, and per day you can earn up to $0.02 cents per day and more.

How much can I earn from

Well, you can earn daily max to max 0.05 cents per day, and it depends on the user's membership type and number of direct referrals you have, Haveing more referrals direct or rented will earn you more and more dollars.
How can i cash out the earnings from
Well you can cash out the money once you have reached $3 or more, after requesting the payment you will be getting the funds to your account within 24 hours of time span to your preferred payment processors like payza, perfect money, bitcoin. status : Active & paying
Total members : 15118
Recent payment proofs : Payment proofs 
Note : Here this is the good paid to click site where you can earn $100 per day and more if you have tons of direct referrals you can earn freely without investing even the single cents.
Review of scam or legit ? Review of scam or legit ? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 12:55 AM Rating: 5


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