Review of scam or legit ? review scam or legit is the Dubai-based mining co-operation which has the application for mining is different cryptocurrencies forex trading and binary options as this crypto wealth fund is the high yield investment site to minimize the risk and yield the desired profit for their clients.

How do i open the account here at ?

Simple to open the account here by filling all the fields required.

How do i invest with the

To make an investment you need to make the account 1st and than you can make the investments.

What are the payment processors do they accept

They just accept the payments via Bitcoins.
What's the minimum investment : 
Minimum amount is to invest is $10 usd 
What are the investment plans at 
Standard Plan  4% Daily For 45 Days 4% Daily Minimum Deposit $10.00 Maximum Deposit $5000.00 Total Return 180% Referral Commission 10%.
Premium Plan  5% Daily For 30 Days 5% Daily Minimum Deposit $50.00 Maximum Deposit $5000.00 Total Return 150% Referral Commission 10%.
Deluxe Plan  7% Daily For 24 days 7% Daily Minimum Deposit $100.00 Maximum Deposit $5000.00 Total Return 168% Referral Commission 10%.
Site status : Active & paying
Launched : 17 dec 2016
Total accounts : 120
More information contact here
Total deposited : $14062
Total withdrawn : $1173
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Review of scam or legit ? Review of scam or legit ? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 6:07 AM Rating: 5


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