Review of turned scam

Review of is the global forex return limited.And they are the private organization, and that was lawfully in the United Kingdom in 2015.And they do have seven years of experience in the investments. 

How to invest at

To invest at the you need to register here and then you make the investment's and start earning online are made easy here.And they are related to the HYIP and this site has involved in the investing in forex and huge risk is involved here.

How to invest in

They have so many payment processors where are as follows: 
  • Coin payments
  • payeer
  • payza
  • Advcash

What are the investment plans at

They are four plans are their:

Plan 1: Daily earnings: 2% for life time
             Investments: $5 to $3500
             Instant withdrawals
             Minimum payout is: $0.10

Plan 2 : Daily earnings: 6% for daily 25 days
             Investments : $20 to $5500
             Instant withdrawals
             Minimum payout is: $0.10

Plan 3: Daily earnings: 9% for 18 days
             Investments : $50 to $10500
             Instant withdrawals
             Minimum payout is: $0.10

Plan 4: Daily earnings: 12% for ten days
             Investments : $150 to $15500
             Instant withdrawals
             Minimum payout is: $0.10

Account status: Not Paying 

Note : Please avoid investing here and sorry for the losers here they are HYIP, and huge risk was involved here.They are so many members who lost their hard money so avoid the further investments here 


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