Scam review of scam or legit ? is the revenue sharing site where they are more reliable and more stable, and they also boost the traffic for your websites with the thousands of visitors instantly for your site, and we will be get paid just by seeing the Ads and by clicking the cash links and with the profit sharing among the members.

How do works?

1: Revenue Shares: They offer the revenue share advertising pack costs $2 per pack, and you can buy the unlimited of advertising packs daily and get benefited.

2: 150% profits: For every $2 pack and its going to mature at the $3 and it 150% profits.Here you need to view the Ads or the cash links daily to receive the revenue sharing.

3: Adpack matures period: Here the Adpack matures within of 7,15 to 30 days, and that will generate the profits of 110%,125% and 125% this will be their for long-term stability to earn money here.

4: Cashlinks: Just you need the view the cash links which are available in your account daily and the values are as follows: $0.001,$0.005,$0.01,$0.02 and more.

5: Unlimited referrals: You can earn here more just by inviting the more member's and make them join here to buy the ad packs and earn the revenue sharing.And you will earn 50% commission's when your direct referral views the cash links.

And 5% referral commissions when your referrals buy the advertising Adpacks.

What is the

Keyrevenueadz is the revenue site where you ill be paying and interact with other advertisers.and all the purchased packs will be delivered to the other advertisers and they will convert to the cash ads, and then they can click ads and earn.Also, they provide the quality advertisements and make the people to making money online.

KeyRevenueAdz can pay you to interact with other advertisers. Advertisements purchased in our system are delivered to other advertisers and converted into cash ads that they can click to earn and below: you the visits purchased. We deliver quality advertisements and a way for people to make an online income.

How to join the

Simple you can create the account here.
What are the payment processors does keyrevenueadz accept?
They use the below: payment processors are as follows below :

Site status: Active & paying 

Launched on: 24th Dec 2016

Total members: 17768

Total paid to registered members: $70

More information please check here FAQ

New users will get the $10 for free to make the purchase the Adpacks and start earnings for free and make your account grow.

Scam review of scam or legit ? Scam review of scam or legit ? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 9:30 PM Rating: 5


  1. do not invest here they are scam as they did not paid me as they took the money to verify the account and not the payment i pending from past 2 weeks


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