Scam review of scam or legit ? is the company which offers the mining cloud service that provides to their investors towards the mining gains in a simple form.And they are the local group since 2012, and now they have opened their business to the new investors online.

They are mainly focused on the sustainability, they towards the economy in internal spending and the use with the latest mining machines into the markets.This is the good time to invest in the where you can deposit or and earn and withdraw or reinvest to gain high profThey are into the long term project and good cloud mining platform.
The more GH/s you have, the more faster you can earn your investments.And as they are providing the 50GH/s as the free all the members so they can easy in an easy way without any investments.

What is cloud mining? 

Bitcoin cloud mining enables the members to earn bitcoins without having the bitcoin mining hardware or the bitcoin mining software, you can start earning by signing up here.Even if you have no knowledge, you can earn here easily.

 What is mine gate?

Mine gate is the mining company based in Peterborough in Canada; sustainalbeThey are the sustainable bitcoin mining company.And they also have the three data centers across the globe with the advanced miners.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

At present, they accept only the Bitcoins.
What are the investment plans at
Plan 1 : 
$0.08  per GH/s    from 50 GH/s Repayment 3.8 Month
Plan 2 : 
$0.07  per GH/s    from 1200 GH/s Repayment 3.4 Month
Plan 3 : 
$0.06  per GH/s    from 7200 GH/s Repayment 3 Month
Plan 4 : 
$0.05  per GH/s    from 14000 GH/s Repayment 2.5 Month
How does the Affiliate comissions works here ?
Here you will be earning 5% commissions when your referrals buy the powers. 

Site status: Active & paying  

Total investors: 20154

Total payouts: 58.57 BTC

For more information please read FAQ 

Note : This site running from so many months and i have got the good review on the so as the free members also you can earn here.

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  3. is scam, please don't invest. Recently the site down


    You don't have permission to access /login/ on this server.


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