Scam review of scam or legit ?  is an online donations platform which is available globally, Its is also called as the Peer-to-peer direct system, and all members can earn 100% referral commissions on their referral upgrade the donations.And the donations are done by the members from their uplines and no anytime system to hold the system or any fees they collect.

The donations plan works on 3x4 forced matrix with the matrix structure within 90 to 180 days of time span for the level subscription.All the members have their downline as well as the upline.And all the donations goes directly to your Bitcoin wallet its a good system to make and earn the tons of Bitcoins.

What is is the non-profit company, and their platform can be used to raise funds for various personal causes.

How does the work? is the affiliate program when you have the referral tree all the downline & Upline are based on the binary matrix type of the compensation plan.Its a 3x4 forced matrix where every member can earn money here.

 How to Join the 

The simple process where your good at marketing skills you can earn more number of referrals via social networks like facebook & twitter and more.And they use the Bitcoin wallets to earn from this program.Click here to join.You join the Facebook official page of for more updates.

What are the plans and donations system at

Here is the donations and matrix structure plans:

Whats the minimum amount to donate:
0.03 BTC is the minimum amount to donate later on its going to rise as per the matrix plan.

For more quires on the please go trough FAQ

Note: This site is not an investing or the hips its donations sites, and it works on the binary matrix plans.

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