Scam review of is it real or scam? is the platform where the professional advertising & revenue sharing takes place here and its one of the company which gives the high-quality advertising tools to boost your online business and its a good place to make money online.

How to join

Yes if you want to earn here you must join the program here.

How does the profit sharing work?

They share the profits by selling the Adpacks, and you will be paid 15% referral commissions.Along with this, you will be getting the Directory listing credits up to 200000 Ad credits.And they don't not guarantee any profits or the speed of the earnings from the profit sharing.

Do I need to see the Ads daily to earn here?

Yes, you need to see 8 Ads daily to receive the profit sharing earnings.And all the earnings will be added to your account for every 1 hours.
What are the payment processors do they Accept?
They accept the payment processors like Payza, Bitcoin,Perfect money and Okpay.And all the deposits will be added instantly to your account without any delays.
Do they have any repurchase rule?
Yes, they do have the 50/50 re purchase rule online in the Adpacks which has assigned with the daily returns.
Are the are Hyip or Ponzi scheme?
Nope, they are not related to any Ponzi or HYIP schemes.
Ad pack details:
Daily Return Up To 20%! Distribution every 5 minutes!
Copper : Turn $1 Into $1.25  Mature at 125% + 50/50 Rule Fixed 5% Daily Return 15% Referral Commission 2,000 Ad Credits 10 Directory Listing No Requirements Maximum AdPacks: 150
Silver : Turn $5 Into $7.50  Mature at 150% + 75/25 Rule Variable Daily Return Up 10% 15% Referral Commission 5,000 Ad Credits 25 Directory Listing Copper Packs Required: 100 Maximum AdPacks: 500
Gold : Turn $10 Into $13  Mature at 130% + 50/50 Rule Fixed 10% Daily Return 15% Referral Commission 10,000 Ad Credits 50 Directory Listing 250 Silver/Memberships Req. Maximum Packs: 500
Ruby : Turn $20 Into $31  Mature at 155% + 75/25 Rule Variable Daily Return Up 10% 15% Referral Commission 20,000 Ad Credits 100 Directory Listing Gold Packs Required: 100 Maximum AdPacks: 500
Diamond : Turn $40 Into $54  Mature at 135% + 50/50 Rule Fixed 20% Daily Return 15% Referral Commission 30,000 Ad Credits 200 Directory Listing 350 Ruby/Memberships Req. Maximum AdPacks: 1000.
Site status: Active & paying 
Launched: 8th Dec 2016
Total members: 1611
Total payouts: $1331
Total purchase: $11286
Recent payouts: Payment proofs
Note: This is the revenue share sites where you can earn money here for every hour and by referring others and earn commissions and via cash links.

Scam review of is it real or scam? Scam review of is it real or scam? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 8:33 AM Rating: 5


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