Scam review of

Scam review of Neorevshare is a unique advertising and marketing platform.And their member's can buy the different number of advertisements packs and earn up to 160% revenue back on their purchase depending on the neorevshare daily sales.Almost 80% for the free member's to click the sponsored ads and earn money by visiting the Ads.Neorevshare generates profits from the traffic sales and on more various other opportunities.

How to join ?

Its easy to join here just by filling the registration form.

How to make money from

Well you can make money by following ways are as :
  1. Revenue sharing
  2. By clicking Paid to click ads
  3. Affiliate commission of 10% from all 1st levels.

Whats is the price starts from ?

The Price of an AdPack is $5.00 USD and up to $50.00 USD. Take in mind higher package will lead into higher profits (max 161%) and higher advertising credits!
How much do i earn from 1 Adpacks :
From 1 Adpack you can earn 161% and you will be getting 16100 advertisements credits to use it.
Do they have repurchase rule :
No they don't have any repurchase rule its easy and fast to make money here.
What's the minimum amount to withdraw :
The minimum amount to withdraw is 5 usd
Minimum cashout per day : $500
Payment processors to deposit and withdraw :
They use Paypal,okpay,perfectmoney,payeer,bitcoin,payza & solid trustpay.
Referral commissions :
Well as you know you will be earning 10% referral commissions.
Adpack details Basic :
BasicMatures at 120%
$10.00 /pack
  • Profit $12.00
  • 100 Directory Listing
  • 10000 Banner Credits
  • No Requirements
  • Maximum AdPacks: 1000
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 10% Ref Commission
Adpack details Plus :
$50.00 /pack
  • Profit $62.50
  • 500 Directory Listing
  • 50000 Banner Credits
  • Plus membership required
  • Maximum AdPacks: 1000
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 10% Ref Commission
Adpack details premium :
$100.00 /pack
  • Profit $130
  • 1000 Directory Listing
  • 100,000 Banner Credits
  • Premium membership required
  • Maximum AdPacks: 1000
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 10% Ref Commission
Adpack details investor :
InvestorMatures at 140%
$500.00 /pack
  • Profit $700
  • 5000 Directory Listing
  • 500,000 Banner Credits
  • Investor membership required
  • Maximum AdPacks: 1000
  • No Repurchase Rule
  • 10% Ref Commission
Site status : Active & paying
Total members : 2133
Total purchase : $4170
Total paid out : $616
Note : This site is new so its good time to make money online and take the profits and advantage .

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  1. Have you any payment proof for this site

    1. i am close to $5 to request for the cashout

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. they didn't pay !!!!!!!!

    warning scaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm

  4. thanks a lot for the honest review thank you

    1. please tell me if this site is a scam !!!

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