Scam review of real or scam !! is the site which interacts with the other advertisers.As the advertisements are purchased in their system, and then later those advertisers will be converted into to the cash ads, and then you can click to earn the ads which have been delivered to your account, where you ill get the quality traffic, nd this is the new to make money online.

Can we register free and earn as the free members at

Yes you can make the account here just you need to start with the registration, After that no deposits required you can start earning from the for free.As they give deliver bonus ad points credited to all the members to get qualify to receive the ads as you need to click the bonus ad points which are delivered to your account and it will convert into to the cash.And you will be getting 200 BAP points worth of $1 of ads in your account. Tellsclix is literally a very nice site.

The reason for joining the

 Buy $1 Adpack  175% Profit / Adpack  High Value Paid Ads  1750 BAP / Adpack  Instant Cashout Daily  10% , 5% Commission.Its so simple to earn and make money here.

How much is BAP is worth in

Well, every bonus points which will deliver Ads worth of $0.001 to your account and it ill is delivered straight to your balance.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw:

Well, the minimum amount to withdraw is $2 is the minimum and maximum is $500, and all the payment will be cleared in 2 business days.
Referral commission by referring others.
When you refer other members, you will be getting the 10% when your refer purchase the Adpacks.And 5% when they click the cash links.
What are the payment processors do they accept?
They accept 4 payment processors: (payeer,perfect money,payza,bitcoins)

Site status: Active & paying

Total members: 8783

Total paid registered members: 2849

Launched: 4th Dec 2016

More information on 
Note: I am using this site and member of this site its paying me instantly and working fine from 20 days, so lets see the best and earn more with the

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    1. They dont answer to support tickets, adn dont pay, i have pending 2 withrawdal for 2 weeks, i dont get the ads as im in group 5...

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