Best ways to improve our Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Rank is famous and important metric among bloggers and business owners. It helps them to understand how are they improving or demoting in their field, also about their competitor too. Because it is a public and open metric, it helps your advertisers and investors to calculate the value of your business.

Alexa Rank is a relative measure. It is not only dependent on your site’s traffic, but also others site is traffic too. Alexa (acquire by Amazon) visits every site every day and calculates the average of daily visitors and pageviews over the past three months.

To get a more accurate Alexa Rank, you can add your site on Alexa. However, this is not necessary for better ranking.

There are several tactics which you can try to improve your Alexa ranking right now.

1. Use Alexa toolbar, Alexa Widget, and Alexa review feature

Alexa collects their data to analyze rank from Alexa toolbar. This is the first thing you should install now for better ranking. This toolbar is available for all the main browser. If you know programming, you can land your users to your site with a little tweak in the toolbar. Even if you are not sure programming, there have several tutorials online to help you.

Alexa widget also helps you same way. Additionally, give you much analysis about your blog directly.

Recently Alexa added review feature, in which you can write your review for the particular website. Also, you can rate any website too. This is another good way to develop your Alexa rank.

2. Write engaging unique content

Content that fails to build loyal viewers also fails to improve ranking in Alexa. Alexa ranks depend on traffic. So updates your blog frequently with quality content for your readers. When audience finds any content helpful and informative, they come to your site in future. They also share automatically among their social networks and introduce new visitors to your blog. Quality content is always rewarded by search engines like Google. This is also best practice for on-page SEO.

3.  Inbound links

Get more inbound links from relevant sites to your website. This technique helps the search engines to understand your niche. Moreover, this backlinking method increases the trust and position of your site. In other words, help you to get a more engaging audience or traffic.

4. Interlinking

Another good on-page SEO practice suggested by SEO Experts - another way to increase traffic. This method helped you get more engaging readers and trusted the audience. Interlink to your other relevant and related content and keep them engaged through your post on your blog.

5. Structure your site according to on-page SEO

On-page SEO is beneficial from many ways, and the best one is traffic. Yes, a perfectly optimize page rewarded by search engines and give them better rank. In other words, rewarded with more traffic, better Alexa Rank.

6. Arrange ads campaigns

A good way to get more traffic is organizing ad campaigns for your site. Although this cost money, but it is worth your money and business. There have several websites to set your ad campaigns, Adwords by Google is one of the best of them.

So, the bottom of the line of Alexa Rank has increased your traffic as much as possible to improve your rank. Although, many SEO Experts suggest not to consider Alexa rank to measure your site. However, as of my views, Alexa Rank helps us understand that we are applying our SEO right way or not.
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