Top 15 Important SEO Techniques and Tricks to Boost your Website

Everybody desires to rank on top of the Search Engine Optimiser (SEO), to get more popularity and stand out in the industry. To gain success and for healthy earning, various tricks and techniques are used so as to develop new customers and retain the existing. Below are some important tricks which would help you to boost your website to the maximum:

1. Attractive Title:

Always make your title interesting and short (up to 65 characters), so as to develop an interest level in the viewer to click and go through the content.

2. Optimised URL Structure:

Make use of alphabets and numeric in the URL structure. Avoid features like symbols, special characters, brackets or comma, etc. in your URL, as they look really unprofessional. Simply follow an appealing permalink so as to rank high on the SEO and thus, boost the reputation of your website.

3. Heading Tags:

Using the headline tag, again and again, is considered as a negative SEO practice. Use a headline once, followed by sub headings to make your content look interesting and hence, generates more traffic to your website.

4. Appropriate Keyword Density:

The keyword density should be maximum 1.5% of the total content, which should be either in bold, italics or underlined so as to be highlighted in any of your posts.

5. Create a Meta Description Tag:

Meta tags include meta keyword and meta description, which should be relevant and exclusive in your blog post. A user-friendly meta description tags result in an excellent click through rate in the SEO.

6. Addition of Images:

Small size images in your website, makes it look more attractive and appealing. Big size images, lowers the website speed and hence lower the ranking in SEO.

7. Minimum number of Words:

Approximately, the minimum number of words in a blog post should be around 700 words. Although there is no limitation in the count of words for SEO, but keeping it more than 700 words makes a blog reading interesting.

8. Write some engaging Topics:

Writing some engaging content on your website blog, will keep people interested and engaged. This will indirectly leave a positive mark on the SEO ranking when they rate your blog.

9. Proper Format of the Content:

A properly formatted content bounces the marketing success levels. Visitors are more inclined towards reading a properly formatted content which derives a positive impact on your website popularity.

10. Popularity through Advertisement:

By spending a penny more on an advertisement, our website tends to get more traffic. Certain social media advertising, display advertising, etc. help us a lot in connecting with the customers. They help us to directly get the views, which in turn increase our popularity in the challenging websites world.

11. Organise Contests and Promotion Activities:

Contest and promotions are powerful techniques of increasing your websites popularity. They have extensive visibility which brings in long term benefit. Once the users enter into the contest, they gain with the gift or some valuable item, and you can ask them to share or like your post on social media. This way, your website gets advertised, and you would gain a fast publicity.

12. Stick to the Webmaster Guidelines:

The quality and quantity of inbound links are directly related to the ranking of your website. SEO can detect manipulative and doubtful links, so, if the temptation arises to buy certain links, your websites Search Engine rank would fall drastically. Instead of spending your hard earned money on buying links, use them in creating impressive content which would definitely attract the inbound links
13. Be fast and responsive:

If you make their search complicated, viewers would be forced to leave your website. Your page should also be technically optimized so that the visitors don’t take the time to load your web page. Just keep a track that your website is comfortably accessible to the visitors. If your site loads faster, the visitors will stick to your website for any information forever.

14. Take help of Guest Post:

Guest post fixes a bond with the existing authorities who have established a customer base, which makes your brand get positive visibility. They also get direct traffic to help you know if your content is informative and valuable. You would thus be awarded with a healthy flow of visitors on your website, in the long term.

15. Avoid unnatural content:

Focus more on creating a natural content for your post, which will proof beneficial and beneficial to the readers. Avoid over-stuffing your page with keywords, because they make your content look untidy and unprofessional. Doing this your ranking would fall drastically, as the readers would log out of your page immediately.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, and I am sure your website will bound to boost the SEO.

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