Quick Scam review of Richmondberks.com is it real or scam?

Richmondberks.com  is the international company where it has the history back to 2008.And they are the two businessmen named John Richmond & KlintBerks who met at the auctions.And the later one year they together with the other two brokers and they found the company which is specialized in the purchase of the real estate at the auctions & further resale at the secondary at the market.

More pieces of information About the company
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How does the company Richmondberks work?

Richmond Berks is the company was it takes part in the international real estate auctions, clietnsAnd it attracts, clients and with their investments for the further works with those funds is the real estate market, Increase the funds and gives the dividend payout for their clients.

How to invest with Richmondberks to earn profits?

As simple as it is all you to do is that you need to sign up here and have the account and then buy RBD.And you will be earning daily profits where it depends on the level of the companies capital.

What does the RBD mean?

RBD - Richmond Berks Dollar and its an inner currency which servers to simplify the work with the supply and its conversion into to the international currencies like 1RBD = 1USD.

After depositing the funds can you get the refunds?

Yes, ou can get the deposit any time buy you need to pay the fine of 50% of your deposit.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

BlockChain technology is a database of all transactions that have ever been made within RBD system.

Well, how much can you earn from Richmondberks?

They interest rate pf your investment depends on your capitalization lever of their company.If you have deposited with the interest rate of 1.5% daily will be your profits and the new days or in future capitalization level may increase, Then the interest rate of your deposits will all grow gradually.
Example:  When ou invested 1000 USD and got 1000 RBD with a daily interest rate of 1.5%. Then every day you will get 15 RBD.

Does Richmondberks any Affiliate system?

Yes for sure they do have the affiliate system to earn as the secondary income. As their affiliate system allows you to gain profit from a partner that you invited. You will get interest rate from.
Invite your friends = Give $10 and Get $10

More information on the Affiliate system.

The contact information of the company: Number ( 1 (888) 881-58-08)
Email Support: support@richmondberks.com
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More information on Richmondberks Read FAQ

Quick Scam review of Richmondberks.com is it real or scam? Quick Scam review of Richmondberks.com is it real or scam? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 6:07 AM Rating: 5


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