Scam review of is it paying or scam? is the company and limited which has the good growth in the international market of cryptocurrency trading.And its highly profitable and ultra modern business to allocate their company and make the offer for their investors.

The development of the strategy which the allow us to earn money without compromising the financial funds.The are also since 2015 3bitday company is involved in the profitable trading of most of the popular cryptocurrency such as the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum coins.

The company is registered and officially incorporated in August 2016 under the registration number 10351681 in the United Kingdom.

What is & how it works?

The is the company which offers the trusted assets management of the highest quality under the basis of foreign exchange and most profitable trade trough the bitcoin exchanges.And the market than can guarantee the daily ability to generate the constant profit with the large price swings of the bitcoins.

Is the is officially registered? 

Yes, the company is officially listed in Hong Kong.And for more information, you can check about on the website.

How to join

Its simple to register and to start earning immediately signup here.

What is the investment returns do they offer per day?

The company offers profits without respite from 11% to 16% on a daily basis, including weekends and holidays.

What is the minimum amount of deposit?

The minimum amount to deposit is 0.001 BTC

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0001 BTC, and all will be processed instantly or in 24 hours.

How does the affiliate commissions work at

The first level of direct referrals from you will entitle you to a commission of 10%, further connections of second and third levels will give you an opportunity to make 2% and 1% respectively.

Site status: Active & paying 

Days online: 181

Total members: 83018

Total deposited: 68779 BTC

Total withdraw or paid: 46857 BTC

Scam review of is it paying or scam? Scam review of is it paying or scam? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 11:17 PM Rating: 5


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