Scam review of is it legit or scam? is the high-tech and profitable investment platform.And they offer all the members as the investment program and which are more effective work with the client financial assets with the good management services available at the cryptocurrency market for everybody.

And this hashminers has the good development of mining processes of the bitcoin and most popular company from the United Kingdom.

If you wanna make the good investment decisions here, you can earn a good number of money here, and their company is assured of a high degree of professionalism from their financial experts.This company offers the lifetime payments from 3.12% to 7.68% every day and option of release your initial deposit at any time after 24 hrs its a good thing for the huge investors.

What is & how it works?

Hashminers limited is the prominent company, were they deal with the bitcoin encryption algorithms and mining and they are also the developer of the hardware and offers the same investments in this platform.

Is is legal and registered company?

Yes, HashMiners is registered in the United Kingdom as "HashMiners Limited" with a registration number of 10521670.

How to start or signup with hashminers?

To start with the hashminers all you have to do it to sign up here and make deposits and start earning.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They just accept the bitcoin as the payment processors.

What's the minimum amount to invest with the hashminers?

Each of your deposits can be for any amount from 0.001 BTC, there is no maximum. Some such deposits is not limited.

Minimum amount to withdraw from the hashminers?

You can request withdrawal of any amount that is equal to or greater than 0.0005 BitCoin.

What is the referral commission's do they offer?

HashMiners Limited offers 5% referral commission for every deposit that your referral makes from his BitCoin wallet.

What are the investment plans do they offer at hashminers?

They offer 4 types of investment plans such as follows: 

Plan 1: 3.12% Daily 0.13% Hourly  Min:0.001 BTC Max:5 BTC

Plan 2: 3.60% Daily 0.15% Hourly  Min:5.001 BTC Max:50 BTC

Plan 3: 5.04% Daily 0.21% Hourly  Min:50.001 BTC Max:300 BTC

Plan 4: 7.68% Daily 0.32% Hourly  Min:300.001 BTC Max: status :Unlimited

status:Active & paying 

Total memebrs : 1205

Total deposits : 30.36 BTC

Total paid :  2 BTC

Launched : 21/3/2017

Note : This site is bit risky according to other users so lets see how much months or days will this site survive. 

Scam review of is it legit or scam? Scam review of is it legit or scam? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 8:02 AM Rating: 5


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