Scam review of is it legit or scam? is the team where thy have the different scientific disciplines and morePack: but their common faith is on the cryptocurrencies which are most awaited to bring together.And that also have the strong belief in future for the digital currencies & love to be growing the community.

They also got to know by using the same platform for buying and selling the bitcoins, and most of the companies are new mining farms and were built up with the other services with their highly skilled programmers and more.

Scam review of

Well, this site it truly HYIP and they has a lot risk is involved, and they are paying high daily interest guy so be careful and use this site with the good and smart investment.

As i notices this site has no FAQ so they may turn scam any time.

What are the Adpacks or investment do they provide.

Well they offer 5 investment packs such as:

1: Tortoise pack: Pack-1 $20 Daily 4% Till 30 Days Life Limit 200 Pack Expires at 120%  Repurchase Available

2: Kangaroo Pack: Pack-2 $100 Daily 5% Till 30 Days Lifetime Limit 100 Pack Expires At 150%  Repurchase Available  To Unlock 50 Tortoise active packs required

3: Horse Pack:  Pack-3 $500 Daily 6% Till 30 Days Lifetime Limit 75 Pack Expires At 180%  Repurchase Available  To Unlock 40 Kangaroo active packs required

4: Lion Pack: Pack-4 $1000 Daily 7% Till 30 days Lifetime Limit 50 Pack Expires At 210%  Repurchase Available  To Unlock 30 Horse active packs required

5: Leopard Pack :  Pack-5 $5000 Daily 8% Till 30 days Lifetime Limit 25 Pack Expires At 240%  Repurchase Available  To Unlock 25 Lion active packs required

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They accept just perfect money & bitcoin.

What are the affiliate program, so they offer?

Well, you will be paid 5% when your direct referrals buy the Adpacks.

Site status: Active & paying now

Total running days: 49

Total accounts: 1984

Total deposits: $295920.00

Total paid: $108680.00

Note: This site, i.e., bit risky, so lets wait and watch how this site pays for they members...

Scam review of is it legit or scam? Scam review of is it legit or scam? Reviewed by Vinayashree v jadhav on 9:28 PM Rating: 5


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